Guidelines for Reviews


Our goal is to create the first website of reviews of public transport services We love hearing your reviews and we publish travel experiences of registered members without charge as they are a great contribuition to our site. We want TransportTip to be a safe and reliable service for our community.

To help us achieve our goal please ensure your reviews are:
TransportTip rejects profanity or vulgarity in reviews. We also reject reviews that include sexually explicit comments, hate speech, prejudiced language threats, personal insults , social or racial discrimination. TransportTip does not accept reviews that describe reviewer’s participation in illegal activities.

Relevant to travellers

Keep your reviews helpful and relevant o travelers.Keep in mind they are reading your reviews to learn about your experience. TransportTip only posts reviews of public transport services related to the route you travelled to your destination. Any other review not relevant to our target will not be published. Please fill in all the fields requested with general information as well as specific details in order to let us have a better understanding of your travel experience using public transport..

Personal and first-hand

Please provide reviews only about your personal experience. Do not include second-hand information or quotations from other sources. TransportTip rejects reviews with quoted material from other reviews ,websites or printed material.


Recent reviews are the most helpful to our community. You can only submit one review per experience (ex . one review per leg) . We have no limits on the number of reviews you can submit.

Respectful of private information

TransportTip respects your privacy and the privacy of the transport companies we list . In compliance with the laws on privacy TransportTip will not publish information of its members . We do not publish reviews containing credit card numbers, door codes or passwords of any kind. This includes both the reviewer’s information and information about others.

Easy to read

English and Italian are our official languages and TransportTip only accepts reviews in either of these languages. In order to help other travelers to make the most of your review please avoid using machine translations, excessive ALLCAPS or slang that would make your review hard to read. We have a required character count.

Photo Guidelines

TransportTip has a space available to post photos accopmanying your review. We want our website to be a trustworthy,safe and reliable source for its members. For this reason make sure that your photos meet these requirements:

Family –friendly

TransportTip rejects photos that are vulgar, pornographic , profane, illegal ,obscene or containing content that is not appropriate for our community.

Relevant to travellers

Only post photos that are relevant to your review. We reject photos with logos, titles,branding,promotional material or any other content intended for commercial purposes.

TransportTip rejects photos from other websites, sources or printed material.


TransportTip reserves the right to remove or modify reviews or management responses at any time for any reason. The reviews posted on TranporTip are personal and subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in the reviews are those of TranportTip members and not of TransportTip website administrators. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses. We are not affiliated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this website.

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